A sneak peek of my Lotus watercolours

Just a sneak peek at what else I do — lotus watercolours!

A sneak peek of my Lotus watercolours

Here is my brief description of what the Lotus artworks are about.

The dried Lotus leaf, to me, is particularly beautiful , offering an abstract view of nature , and to quote from Ruskin, “the mystery under which the separate character of each is more or less concealed”.

It’s about organic flat forms, complex structure and the balance of positive and negative space. It’s about each leaf having its own symbolism, pattern, colour and shape. It’s about being different but the same.

To see these large watercolour paintings in real life, why not come see me at my Exhibition?

So if you’re anywhere near Brisbane, Cooroy or the Sunshine Coast, do come see us!

Where?  The Butterfactory, Cooroy, 12 th August 2017 – read more >>

August 2017 Partners in Textile

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