2024 Exhibition: Twelve Months


2024 Exhibition

I have spent the past 12 months creating an Iconlady picture a month.  May will be the final month of this marathon effort.
This time in Richard Randall Gallery I will display the twelve Iconladys, the Three D Iconladys , watercolour paintings and mosaic.
My art practice is eclectic – painting, textile and mosaic. Mixed Media may be a good blanket term.
I will be in the Gallery daily for the five days, please introduce yourself, love to meet you.
Regards, Helen

The artwork will be on display from Monday 20th May to Saturday 25th May 2024 in the Richard Randall Gallery, 152a Mt Cooth-Tha Road, Toowong.  10am to 4pm daily.

(COMING SOON!) Following is a full catalogue of the whole exhibition. My research shows buyers want make the initial contact online , read all the details, decide what to come and see , at a time that suits.

Artist Statement
Artist Helen McIntosh discovered the Iconlady shape in the ‘70s, serving as a creative launchpad, transcending into a symbolic, archetypal female form.
Viewers imbue their experiences onto the paintings, with the Iconlady evolving into a vessel for personal connections and memories. The artworks encapsulate trends, cultural shifts, and moments in the artist’s life, blending beauty, and design. Helen McIntosh’s exploration, guided by the Iconlady, is ongoing.