Online Art and Artefact One Third

The unfortunate pandemic in our country means the Exhibition planned for the Richard Randall Gallery, Toowong, has been closed down. HOW EVER—–
The One Third of the show that I prepared is presented here.

All works available for purchase, unframed. Framing can be arranged in Brisbane. All the paintings are on heavy white rag paper, watercolour, and measure 58 x 77 cm.  (Dancer – small 58 x 10cm, and Full Moon is acrylic paint.)

For only $ 85.00 each, I have one print of each picture for sale . All prints on quality photographic paper.

To view the two thirds of the exhibition that wasn’t, go to
Linda Murray:
Fran Van Kreiken:

Dancer, 58×77 cm $750
Mosaic Iconlady – Green Hat, 58×77 cm. $760
Semco Doll, 58×77 cm. $750
Mosaic Iconlady, Orange, 58×77 cm. $760



Botox, 58×77 cm. $625
Mosaic Iconlady, Full Moon, 58×77 cm. Acrylic paint. $760
Rabbity, 58×77 cm. $750
Mosaic Iconlady, Teacup, 58×77 cm. $820
Dancer, small, 58x10. $220
Dancer, small, 58×10 cm. $220
Small Blue Bird72x49
Middle Blue Bird72x49cm
Large Blue Bird 72x49cm